Molly Baber (Brighton, 1994) is a photographer and filmmaker creating haunting conceptual works that evoke ritual, death, and feminine power. Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, her lens-based work focuses on storytelling and emotive portraiture adorned in gothic opulence. ​Through her art she creates a subconscious fantasy, combining elements of symbolism, occultism, esoteric practices, divination, and mythology, as a means of escapism and investigation into the human psyche. 

Baber received a First Class BA(Hons) in Fashion Photography from Falmouth University, and has since been expanding her craft by taking part in international exhibitions, assisting on professional film and photographic productions, and collaborating with fellow artists. In 2019, she was awarded 'Best Emerging Talent' at the B3 BEN Awards at the Frankfurt Buchmesse for her short film, ‘Expose Her’. Baber has exhibited personal works across the UK, Europe and USA (Barcelona, Stockholm, Bristol, Falmouth, Berlin, Frankfurt, Baltimore, Nashville), and has had her work featured on, Dreamingless Magazine and King Kong Magazine. Her most recent client was Profoto.

Molly can offer photographic, video, post-production and assisting services for fashion, editorial, beauty, lookbook, portraiture, and film.


Instagram: @molly.baber

Photo by Kayesha Clarke



  • Decay, ARCH., Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Adjusting the Lens: FEST, Unrequited Leisure, Nashville, TN
  • The Why of the Why Not, The Baltimore Museum of Art, Online


  • B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, Frankfurt Buchmesse, Germany
  • Bloody Good Period Party, The Fish Factory Art Space, Penryn, UK
  • Kespos Arts Gathering, A Curious Hall, Falmouth, UK
  • Imaginaris Femenins. Ser Dona, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain
  • Into The Mind Of The Individual, Institute of Photography Gallery, Penryn, UK
  • Ginger Beer 002: A Queer Art Exhibition, The Island, Bristol, UK


  • RÄUME 2, Berlin, Germany
  • Drone Dancing,  Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Interim, The Poly, Falmouth, UK
  • GIRL, Small Ships, Falmouth, UK


  • CANCAN, LemoArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany


  • City College Art & Design Foundation Show, Brighton, UK


  • BHASVIC Visual Arts Show, Brighton, UK




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  • Profoto
  • Lena Chen/Elle Peril
  • Heal Her Project
  • Nearer The Moon
  • Perlensau
  • Nakt Studio
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Kim Logan + The Silhouettes 
  • D1 Models
  • Jonas Holmqvist
  • Velvet Eccentric
  • KatzLittleFactory
  • Joanna Bury
  • Hatti Rees
  • Amy Penny
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