'MINERVA' is a speculative feminist vision of parenting and family. Facilitated and imagined by a group of aspiring co-mothers, 'MINERVA' considers alternative methods of child-bearing and child-rearing beyond the nuclear family and monogamous heterosexual marriage. 

Drawing from their personal upbringing, public input, and interviews with parents, the artists collectively design a personal vision for how to raise a child.

Named after the parthenogenetically born goddess,  'MINERVA' represents a hypothetical child of the future. In a series of public workshops, participants explore concepts such as intentional living communities, group parenting, and queer family structures. The artists interview their own parents, aspiring parents, and parents in non-traditional arrangements.

The installation consists of a video performance and an audio manifesto drawn from statements contributed by workshop participants.

Installation view, “Drone Visions”, August 31-September 6 2018, Färgfabriken (Stockholm, Sweden)

Artists/Performers: Lena Chen, Molly Baber, Erica Merritt

Cinematography + Editor: Molly Baber 
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